Sunday, August 29, 2010

Five people

Statistics say that only five people are going to cry at your funeral. Five. Such a menial number if you ask me.

Yet here we are trying to make everyone happy. Trying to satisfy everyone elses needs. Trying to fix everyone elses problems.

I am a people person. I live for social interaction. When I find out people don't like me it breaks my heart. I want everyone to care as much for me as I do for them... But, Only five people are going to cry at my funeral.

I'm not wasting time with people who don't care enough to let me be part of their lives. Who haven't ever given me a chance at knowing theirs. I have an incredible God who loves me, an extraordinary husband who gives me love I don't deserve, a family who has grown so amazingly close this past year, and the kind of friends that constantly bring me to my knees in thanks.

I'm not wasting time with people who don't fit into that mold. Of course the doors are always open for new friends, There is so much more love to give. But i will be investing my time with those who would cry at my funeral. Maybe I'll end up below the statistic, but hopefully I'll end up above. i want to make a difference in the lives of my family, my friends, and my husband.
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